Mouthpieces-Clarinet Rubber (listed in alphabetical order)

Brilhart Original Tonalin 2* #53053
White/Beige. Great player. $100.00
Brilhart Original Tonalin 4 White/Beige
Vintage but no number present small crack near tip to baffle. $60.00
Brilhart Original Tonalin 3*
With serial number on side Great player. $100.00
Brilhart Ebolin, with 2 on the back
With serial number 112651. Small bite mark. Plays well! $80.00
Brillhart, "Miles Hovey" on the front B3, $50 each (have 3)
Gigliotti #4 $50
Noblet 2V-$10
O’Brien, clear glass in good shape
believe 1973 vintage some scractching on bite area
but no nicks, plays well #2 $165.00
O’Brien-like clear blank with no markings
clear glass in good shape, believe 1973 vintage, some scractching on bite area, but no nicks, plays well #2 $165.00
Selmer H. Selmer E
(some wear on edge of table; plays well though appears older rubber.) $60.00
Selmer H. Selmer HS*
on Table Vintage Oval on Table 90.00
Selmer H. Selmer
reads “table S” on Table Vintage Oval on Table 90.00
Selmer H. Selmer HS B*
$ 40.00 (no cork)
Selmer H. Selmer HS*
$ 45.00 (5 of these, various condition)
Van Doren VA5, $35
Van Doren B45-$35