Professional Sopraninos and Saxellos
Contemporary and Vintage

Vintage Conn Silver plated Sopranino Saxophone pitched in the key of Eb.  Serial #161797 (1925)
Rare, Vintage, Historic piece in original Silver-Plate. Like a Chu Berry style with the rolled tone holes, nail file G# key. Pictures taken are of before the work has been done; we will have the instrument repadded and polished. Comes in original case with a sopranino mouthpiece, perhaps original to this instrument, $3500.00

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Vintage King Saxello, #71883 (About 1924),
 Vintage King Saxello Soprano sax, silver plated, original This came to us without a case and we are putting it in an alto case for safe keeping.  With full repad and polish a good buy at $3995.00. (Pics coming up show it before any work has been done).